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The Martian-A Book Review

I don’t know many people who wear clothing with lapels on a daily basis anymore. During the past week, though, if a person had come across my path wearing clothing with lapels, I would have grabbed them. Grabbed them and shaken them. Grabbed them, shaken them and said, “Please read this book!”

Which book? The Martian by Andy Weir.

I caught the trailer of The Martian and loved the line “I’m going to have to science the shit out of this.” Oh, we thought it couldn’t get better than “I’m too old for this shit.” This is hands down my new favorite catch phrase. Then I caught the mash up of Wall-E and The Martian trailer. My interest piqued, I downloaded it to my kindle and couldn’t read it fast enough.

The book was a page-turner. I also felt nostalgic for high school chemistry.


I have always been one for music and books, but not so much for science. I always enjoyed it, but was never great at it (read: did not devote enough study time to it).

Weir’s success is maintaining the plausibility of a person being stranded on Mars and keeping himself alive by “sciencing” things in a realistic, believable way.   The main character, Mark Watney, completes chemical tasks to keep himself alive. They are explained at an educated level, not an elementary level. It made me wish there was a storybook that could have gone along with my chemistry book. Maybe then I could have done better in chemistry with study material much more interesting.

At the end of the book, there is an interview with Weir about how the book became popular. I love it because he was just following his passion, and that passion led to success. He wrote something because he loved science and he wanted to write a novel. He posted it as a serial on a website, and the people demanded more. This book didn’t get approved by an editor and marketed through advertising, the people asked him to package the book in an easier format to read by way of Amazon. This made it even more accessible, and it climbed the book charts. And now he has a book deal AND a movie deal for doing what he loves.

I also loved that he pointed out he got e-mails from astronauts that loved the book, but pointed out where he could improve his math or chemistry. This just emphasizes the fact that it can be read and enjoyed by a wide section of the population.

I don’t want to say anything more because you don’t want to know too much. Just pick up the book and read it. Or download it. Or check it out from the library-if they have a copy, because it is what everyone is reading right now. If they are not, they should be. You only have a short time before it hits the theaters, so get reading!