Babybooking-it’s what I’m all about right now.  One page until today has alluded me: the handprint and footprint page.  Why was I so nervous?  You have one shot to get four different prints without being a print-taking expert.  I was nervous because with ink, there is no erasing and no do overs.  If it smudges, it will be smudged for life.

First thing I tried: an ink less kit.


What you need to know: they are $5 dollars and you get one shot with them.  The package says you can reuse them, but it was not so for me.  I wasted one practicing, and thought I must have just pressed her foot too hard and used up all of the ink.  So I tried again, and got the same result.  $10 dollars and no print in the baby book.

How do they work?  It is a piece of plastic with the ink on one side in a plastic frame that holds it just above the paper.  You place it ink-side down, and press baby’s foot on the ink less side.

While I won’t try it again for baby book purposes, I do suggest trying it once because I did end up this reverse print that I plan on doing something with in the future, I’m just not sure what yet.


Next, I went to my hobby shop and got an ink pad .  I waited until right after she nursed and was in a sleepy state, and got ready to print.  I decided to practice on some colored construction paper.  I had the baby book ready, but you can practice only so many times before baby starts waking up and deciding that it’s time to do something else instead of cooperating with mom.

After cleaning her up and examining my practice footprints, I realized I had a few prints that could contend for the baby book spot.  Since they were on a pretty blue piece of paper, they would look nice in the baby book.  So cut and paste I did.  A few days later, I repeated the process with her hands.


What you should know about my printing:  I’m pretty sure I used the first print I took of each hand and foot.  Maybe you are willing to take the chance and print straight into your baby book, but if you are like me, you know that doing so will jinx you and you’ll have a nice record of how well baby can smudge ink.  I personally like how it turned out in the end, and hopefully she will too when she is old enough to look through her book in a few years.



I did a ton of research when preparing for my new baby.  I’d always known I’d try cloth diapers, and now I got the chance.

After checking out books on cloth diapering from the library, going to the cloth diaper store, searching the internet, and purchasing, I was ready for baby and anything she could expel from her nether regions.  Only problem, all of these information sources explained why I should buy (Save Money Save the Earth) and explained all of the choices in detail.  I could teach classes on All-In-Ones, Covers, and Pre-folds.  The only thing I didn’t find was how to use the diapers effectively.

We ended up at home with a large stack of pre-folds and really cute covers and a newborn ready to do some business.  We diapered, and then did what everyone does best with a newborn.


We cuddled.

And got wet.

I found myself slipping disposables on the baby more and more when my husband wasn’t looking.  I was all for saving money; but was I?  All I seemed to be doing was more and more laundry.  My clothes, husband’s clothes, blankets, baby’s clothes, bassinet insert, bouncy chair cover.  Frustrated?  Yes.  Buyers remorse on all of the money we spent on the cloth diapers?  Big time.  Saving the Earth?  Not so much.

I went back to the store and for less than three dollars fixed all of my problems.  I bought a Snappi.

This magical little rubber t-shaped piece of plastic is what nobody tells you to get, yet it is integral to keeping your sanity-and your pants clean.  It locks the cloth diaper in place so it doesn’t come apart and allow baby’s refuse to seep all over your lap.


I say “nobody tells you to get it,” because I was told I didn’t really need it if I was wrapping the cloth diaper correctly.  Sorry, but I didn’t and still don’t have time to learn baby cloth diaper origami.  This little piece of plastic helps me change baby quickly, have confidence she won’t pee all over me in ten minutes time, and get back to the cuddling.   Which is the only thing I really have time for.