You Mean Cod Can Come Other Ways?

The recipe for today is Cod in Mustard Sauce.  We all love cod fried with some tartar sauce or some good vinegar (FISH AND CHIPS) and most people under the age of 12 like it in stick form, but those recipes are not in the yogurt book.  What is in the yogurt book is a baked form of cod, which with some fresh veg is a pretty healthy meal.

One of the things I struggle with cooking is the amount of time it takes up, time when I could be doing anything but cooking.  What I am starting to learn is that most cooking is not that involved.  It just takes practice and time management.  While making this meal, it still took me a long time, but after I saw places I could have done better.  Using bag spinach might have been worth the cost so that I didn’t have to clean and cut the spinach I used for the side dish.  I’m also learning to love love love my vegetable steamer.  Just throw in the veg, put water in the pot it sits on, and crank up the heat.  I don’t even time it.  If I’m feeling fancy, I could make a nice sauce for it, or even butter and salt it.  Buuuuut I usually just steam and put on the plate.


Back to the cod.  What made me feel like a sophisticated chef was the fact that this has you make a sauce from scratch.  Using lots of spices, such as whole allspice, bay leaves, peppercorns and thyme you encourage the flavors to meld with each other and pour them over the fish to add complexity to the dish.  Looks fancy, actually pretty easy to make.  You might notice in the picture the cod looks sauce-less.  Just not much of the sauce transferred from the baking dish to the plate, but I can assure you the flavors were baked into the fish.


Do you like my zucchini star?  We’re all hoping I’ll get better at veg garnishing.

I also made a zucchini and spinach puree to go along with the carrots and radishes for the side dish.  The puree recipe came from French Kids Eat Everything.  We’ll have more on that later, but this first recipe was a tryout for our little one who will be eating tons of this in the near future.  She just doesn’t know it yet-she still thinks milk is the best thing ever.


I think colorful bowls can make anything healthy just a little bit more enticing-even for adults.

The final verdict is that this is a recipe to repeat.  Not only does it taste good right out of the oven, but the cod heats up for lunch nicely the next day.  No weird smells or textures come out when nuked.


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