Indian Tacos

Three years ago I decided to start a blog. This blog, actually. I did all of the things you do when you start a blog, entered my email, uploaded a fantastic picture of myself, chose the color of the background, and then checked my email. Or went to work. Or read a book. I’m not sure. It was three years ago. As Sarah Koenig points out on Serial, it is very hard to remember exactly what you did a long time ago on a random day. I hope nobody accuses me of murder on the day three years ago when I created this blog, because I can’t remember what I did for the rest of the day

I do know either that day, the day before, or the day after, I made Indian Tacos. That was my planned first blog post. Luckily I did take pictures to prove it.


Well this weekend I made them again. Which reminded me of my blog. I decided OK! It’s time to jump back in!   I have posted twice to get my feet wet, and now I have decided to do the long awaited Indian Tacos post. Luckily, we had theme dinner and a movie night this weekend, and so I have NEW pictures of slightly different tacos.

In Oklahoma, we look forward to the Great State Fair of Oklahoma every September. Many Oklahomans will agree that the best thing about the fair is the food. Cinnamon rolls, fried butter, fried Twinkies (I could honestly go on and on about the available fried food), turkey legs, funnel cakes, and more. The most famous of our state fair food is the Indian Taco. Get ready to wait in line, because they are delicious and you can’t go to the fair without having one.

What is an Indian Taco? Navajo fry bread topped with juicy beans, lettuce, tomato, and cheese. Toppings vary, and just like Mexican tacos, these are the most common toppings. Navajo fry bread is a golden light puffy fried bread that is best when the juice from the beans seeps down and makes it more tender to eat. If your bread is hard at all, this is the fix to cover the most likely cause of over mixing the dough, which makes the bread on the heavy side.

We topped ours with green chilies and added Buffalo meat to the beans. If you haven’t had Buffalo meat, I highly suggest you do. It is lean and tasty.

Fixing these tacos is a great option if you are feeding a lot of people and are on a budget. The most expensive part was the buffalo meat, which cost us about $10 dollars. The meal is also quick. I love to bake, but I am not particularly fond of cooking because you have to do it EVERYDAY and there are SO MANY OTHER THINGS I could be doing. There are only a few ingredients to mix and it only takes about 30 seconds a side to achieve the finished golden brown loveliness. Then hold yourself back from eating each puffy bread pillow as it comes out of the oil.



Luckily I was able to delegate the rest of the meal fixing to Ty, who cooked the meat, beans, and chopped the veg. This sounds like he did more, but since I could only cook one fry bread piece at a time we ended at almost exactly the same time. We heaped our tacos and watched Last of the Mohicans. A very nice evening.


Taco Tip: Your Taco Should be 3D. Don’t skimp on anything.   It should be at least as high as two Harry Potter books. Hardcovers. And the later books, we’re talking HP and the Half Blood Prince, not the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Theme Movie Tip: If you decide to do this, a couple other movies you could choose are Dances with Wolves or Jeremiah Johnson.  Great Actor + Movie classic + Native theme=perfect movie for Indian Tacos theme night.

One Last Etymology Thing…Once I was describing these tacos to a Canadian friend.  Every time I said “Indian Tacos” he would kindly interject, “Native Tacos?” While making these this past weekend, I brought this up with Ty.  Is it un-PC?  Have I been terribly wrong in using the word indian?  While our friends to the North all use Native, here in OK everyone still refers to this dish as Indian tacos.  He made a great point in comparing ‘Indian’ to ‘Oriental.’  People are Asian, things are oriental.  In our area, people are Native while things can be indian.  So please, get some flour and try making these delicious Indian Tacos.

But if you are at a Pow-wow, don’t be the obvious tourist that asks for an Indian Taco.  Just ask for a taco.


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